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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Barrack Sergeant 1/6 scale 7.62mm Navy SEAL MK-43 MOD 0

Barrack Sergeant 1/6 scale 7.62mm Navy SEAL MK-43 MOD 0 - SGD $30 ea.

Mk43 Mod 0 Machine Gun (with sling and detachable container attachment point)
Plastic ammo container
Paper ammo container
Cloth ammo pouch
10 metal ammo rounds with links

1/6 Scale ACE Vietnam Army Boots

1/6 Scale ACE Vietnam Army Boots - $35.95 ea.


Monday, August 20, 2007

"Victor Oehrn" - Kriegsmarine Parade Soldier, Panzerschiff 'Deutschland' (Oberbootsmannsmaat), Germany 1939

"Victor Oehrn" - Kriegsmarine Parade Soldier, Panzerschiff 'Deutschland' (Oberbootsmannsmaat), Germany 1939


*Navy cap
*Kriegsmarine Cap Ribbon (New Design!)
*Kriegsmarine Parade Jacket (Brand New!)
*Uniform Jumper (Summer)
*Uniform Jumper (Winter)
*Navy uniform trousers
*German Ankle Boots

*Kar98k Ammunition Pouch
*Kriegsmarine Belt
*Leitz Binocular (10x50)

*Kar98k Rifle

*Spanish Cross in Gold
*Kriegsmarine Anchor Shape Badge (New Tooled!)
*1939 Wound Bagde in Bronze (New Color!)
*Windmill w/2 arrow bagde
*Eagle insignia on German Navy Cap
*Wehrmacht National Emblem

*NEO Male body
*Men Hands
*New character head (New Sculpture)
*Clear stand mount

Retail SGD$89.95

"Ludwig Bochmann" - Luffwaffe Bomber Pilot, Nachtschlachtgruppen, Eastern Front 1943

"Ludwig Bochmann" - Luffwaffe Bomber Pilot, Nachtschlachtgruppen, Eastern Front 1943

*Sheepskin Fleece Trousers New
*Hoffmann Flying Boots
*Luftwaffe Peaked Cap
*Luftwaffe Service Tunic (Major)
*Luftwaffe Field Shirt (Officer) New Cutting

*MP-40 Pouch
*PPK Holster
*M1934 Officer's Belt Leather

*PPK Handgun w/Magazine
*MP-40 Submachine Gun

*1939 Iron Cross (1st Class) Medal
*Day Fighters Flying Clasp in Gold
*Luftwaffe Pilot/Observer Badge
*Eagle Insignia and Crown Insignia Silkscreen
*Collar Patch (Luftwaffe-Major) Silkscreen
*Sleeve Insignia (Luftwaffe-Major) Silkscreen
*Luftwaffe Chest Eagle

*NEO 2 Body
*Man Hands
*New Character Head New Sculpture
*Clear Stand Mount

Retail SGD$89.95

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Toy Soldier PLA Recon Trooper Sino-Vietnam War 1979-1 -- SGD$110 ea

Toy Soldier PLA Recon Trooper Sino-Vietnam War 1979-1 -- SGD$110 ea
- 800 sets limited edition

Accessories & BDU
-Chicom Leaf Green Liberation Cap x1
-Chicom Twin Side style Camo Uniform (Jacket & Pants) x1
-Green Under shirt x1
-Chicom Brown Leather belt w/h Silver Buckle x1

Pouches & pack
-Chicom Green Type 56 Rifle Ammo Chest Rig x1
-Chicom Leaf Green Unity Pouch x1
-Chicom Green Canteen w/harness x1
-Chicom Khaki Stick-type Grenade Pouch x1

Foot wear
-Chicom Leaf Green Liberation Canvas Shoes x1pair
-Green Socks x1 pair

-Type 56 Assault Rifle w/Magazine, Folding Bayonet & Sling x1

Magazine & Grenades
-Type 56 Assault Rifle Magazine x3
-Chicom Stick-type Defensive Grenades x4

-T.1 body w/Head Sculpt & Bendable hands x1

(Subject to production changes)

Toy Soldier 90s US Ranger MSGT (Ret) Howard "Mad Max" Mullen -- SGD$120 ea

Toy Soldier 90s US Ranger MSGT (Ret) Howard "Mad Max" Mullen -- SGD$120 ea.
- 700 sets limited edition

MSGT(ret.) Howard "Mad Max" Mullen JR. in 90's US ARMY RANGER STYLE
Part List- (Final Version)

Accessories & BDU :
-WOODLAND Rip-stop BDU Jacket & Pants w/ BROWN T-shirt & OD Belt x1
-BLACK Kneepads (Alta Style) x1 pair
-M44 Wind/Dust Goggles x1
-PAGST Helmet w/WOODLAND Cover & NVG Mount

Harness :
-OD LC2 Style Harness x1
-OD LC2 Equipment Belt w/Belt Extender x1
-Ranger Body Armor w/Magazine Pouch Modification & Sternum Pouch Modification x1
-OD Tactical Vest (Omega VI Style) x1

Pouches :
-OD LC2 M16/M4 Magazine Pouch x4
-OD LC2 Canteen Pouch w/ 1 qt. Canteen x2
-OD LC2 First Aid/Compass Pouch x1
-OD ABA style MX300 radio Pouch x1

Radio :
-MX300 radio w/ Hand Mic. & Antenna x1

Foot wear :
-BLACK Leather lace-up GI boots x1 pair (with Enhanced Speed lacing system)

Weapons :
-M4A1 Carbine rifle w/ AN/PEQ-2A, Aim-Point style scope, foregrip, Rear sight x1

Magazine :
-M16/M4 30rd Magazine x10

Body :
African-American T.1 body with hand-painted Head & Bendable NOMEX style flight gloves x1

(Subject to production changes)

Friday, August 10, 2007

1/6 scale Camera with Lens & Flashlight SGD$55

1/6 scale Camera with tripod SGD$50

BBi Lucas 10th Mountain Division ACU (Advanced Combat Uniform) SGD$139.95

1:6 BBi Army Special Joe Brennan Limited Set MULTICAM SGD$199.95

BBi U.S. Army Green Beret Special Operation Detachment A

Joe Brennan 2007 Anniversary LIMITED EDITION.

Boxset In My Stock Now

* Afghanistan Indigenous style-like Wool Massoud Hat

* Desert Tiger Camouflage BDU with leather details on Elbows and Knees Parts

*U.S.A. flag patch x 2

* U.S. Army Detachment patch

* Blood type patch and “I Y NY” patch

* OAKLEY® X-METAL® frame style-like Sunglasses

* Middle-East Indigenous pattern style-like Shemagh

* A pair of Weathered color Tactical Boots

Accessories & Equipment
* Sand color half-head Modular Integrated Communications Helmet (MICH)

with Tighten Buckle and Night Vision Goggles Mount

* AN/PVS-18 M983 Night Vision Goggles with Mount attachment

* Flash Light with attachment to Helmet

* T-800 Eyes-Protect Goggles

* Communication Headset System
* Multi Band Inter/Intra Team Radio (MBITR) AN/PRC-148 Radio with talker

* Coyote Tan Color Radio pouch
* A pair of Military flame-resistant NOMEX flight Gloves Hands

* A pair of heavy duty GI Rappelling Gloves Hands

* Personal Body Armor

* Body Armor Plate x 2

* D-Ring x 2

* Black Color Low Profile Vest

* U.S. Army Duty Belt with Multicam pattern

* Modular Vest with Multicam pattern
* Medic Pouch with Multicam pattern
* M4 Ammo. Magazine Pouches with Multicam pattern

* Hip Pouches with Multicam pattern

* A pair of Weathered color Knee Pads with Multicam Pattern
* Coyote Tan Color Pistol Magazine Pouches
* Coyote Tan Color Drop-Leg Utility Pouch
* Concealed Tactical Pistol Holster

* SAFARILAND® Sand color Tactical Drop-Leg Pistol Holster with knife shealth

* Folding Knife

* extra Beretta M92F Pistol Ammo. magazine x 3
* Beretta M92F Pistol

* extra M4 Ammo. Magazine x 4
* M4RIS Cal. 5.56mm carbine sprayed in Desert Checker Camouflage with:

Crane Buttstock

Rifle Sling

SUREFIRE® Tactical Light

Vertical Foregrip


AN/PEQ Illuminator

EOTech Holographic Diffraction Sight

M4 carbine Bipod

Sound Suppressor

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dragon New Arrival

1/6 "Dragon Pavel Nikolaievich Chernov" - Soviet Infantry Officer, 193rd Rifle Division, Byelorussia, 1944 (Junior Lieutenant) SGD$89.95

Dragon New Arrival

1/6 Scale Dragon "Balthasar 'Bobby' Woll" - Leibstandarte Tiger Ace, s.Panzer-Abteilung 101, LAH Division, Villers-Bocage, 1944 (Unterscharführer)